hi-player version 1.0 beta


2012.5.16(14.1MB) winXP/Vista/7

About Hi-Player

Through small volume and quick response, HiPlayer provides you with much more satisfaction.Playing online fluently while downloading with high speed,Supporting kinds of network protocols, and introducing search technology, One click to get vast web resource.Local playing supports all popular media formats.Provide you with more utility functions

  • Compatible with various media formats

    Local playing supports all popular media formats, meets everyday watching needs and continues to improve. Watch without barriers.

  • Playing while downloading with high speed buffering

    Playing online fluently while downloading with high speed. One click for bulk download. Support kinds of network protocols. Watch with much more satisfaction

  • Introduce HiPlayer search technology

    Introduce HiPlayer search technology to player. Recommend hot film and television. One click to get vast web resources

  • Download management module

    Include download management module to central control multitask clearly and conveniently. Easy to control your disk space.

  • Keep a record of last time playing

    When closed, it will automatically record the playing process. Therefore, when open again, it will start playing from the second where it has been stopped. HiPlayer helps you remember.

  • Personalized settings

    Various customized shortcut keys. Set the functions as you wish, such as picture setting and sound effects regulating, to customize your own player.

  • Automatically add similar files

    Automatically add similar files to play list without manual operation.

  • Screen shot function

    Save favorite pictures as you wish with only one click without any disturbance in playing.

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